Looking for a delicious and healthy way to make fried tofu? This tofu recipe is oil-free, made with only 4 ingredients, and vegan! Packed with flavor and crunch, this tofu serves as the perfect topping to any grain bowl or appetizer (just serve it plain with a side of ketchup)!


Although there are only 4 ingredients in this recipe, each of them serve a nutritional purpose! The ingredients are packed with various nutrients, vitamins, and contribute to health benefits. On top of being nutritious, the ingredients in this recipe come together to create flavorful, crispy, and delicious tofu!

  • Tofu: contains all 9 essential amino acids, high in fiber, great source of protein, and has been proven to lower disease risk
  • Nutritional Yeast: also contains all 9 essential amino acids, also is a great source of protein, high in vitamin B12, and may help boost immunity
  • Almond Flour: high in vitamin E, great source of magnesium, and has been proven to support heart health
  • Soy Sauce: has been proven to reduce inflammation and improve gut health


Here is a short list/guide for finding the best air fryer and tofu to make this recipe! If you’re new to air fryers and unsure if buying one is worth it, I highly recommend purchasing one! The amount of delicious and fun recipes you can make with an air fryer is endless, from onion rings to crispy tofu to any other food you are craving!

  • Air Fryer: The air fryer that I currently own is the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Basket Air Fryer. For me personally, I think that it the perfect size to make enough food for 2-4 people. However, if you want to consider buying other air fryers, I found this air fryer guide by Food Network to be very helpful!
  • Tofu: Getting the right brand of extra firm tofu is important because some brands have too much liquid in the tofu, causing the tofu to crumble or come out too soft after cooking. My favorite tofu brands are Franklin Farms and Azumaya.

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Hi, I’m a dietetics student passionate about creating healthy recipes and sharing them with others. Did I also mention that I am a huge foodie?

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