These spring inspired lemon cookie dough bites are packed with citrusy, tart, and fresh flavors. Additionally, they are vegan, refined-sugar free, and gluten-free!


The few ingredients in this recipe work together to create the perfectly doughy textures and subtly tangy flavors in these cookie dough bites. It is important to make sure you are using the right ingredients because there aren’t many of them in this recipe! Here are some things to take note of before using your ingredients!

  • Oat Flourmaking your own oat flour is super easy and a lot more affordable than buying pre-made oat flour (to make oat flour, just blend oats in a blender until they resemble a fine, flour-like consistency)
  • Almond Butter: make sure to use natural and creamy almond butter, not almond butter with added sweeteners or ingredients (making your own natural almond butter is super simple and only requires 2 ingredients!)
  • Maple Syrup: make sure to get 100% pure maple syrup, not pancake syrup
  • Lemon Juice: make sure the lemon juice is 100% natural, without any sweeteners or added ingredients


Although there are only 6 ingredients used in this recipe, there are still a few that can be substituted! Here are substitutions that can be used if you don’t have all the ingredients on hand.

  • Almond Butter: any other creamy and runny nut or seed butter (cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, etc.)
  • Maple Syrup: any other liquid sweetener (agave or coconut nectar)
  • Vanilla Extract: vanilla powder (1/2 tsp powder for 1 tsp vanilla extract) or vanilla paste (1 tsp paste for 1 tsp vanilla extract)

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Hi, I’m a dietetics student passionate about creating healthy recipes and sharing them with others. Did I also mention that I am a huge foodie?

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