As a dietetics student, I am constantly learning about and exploring new concepts in nutrition and health. Over the years, I have implemented and learned more about important topics regarding good nutrition, building a healthy relationship with food, and eating foods that you enjoy. My curiosity and passion for nutrition led to the creation of Eats by C! Note that I am not a Registered Dietitian or health expert (although I aspire to become one)!

My Nutrition Journey:

From Nutrition Student to Foodie to Food Blogger

The most important (and basic) thing that I learned so far in my studies is that good nutrition means eating a variety of foods that you enjoy and getting an adequate amount of calories and nutrients. Before studying nutrition, I always found an endless amount of claims and diets in the media, antagonizing certain foods, telling us to remove them from our diets, and advising us to put limits and restrictions on what we eat. However, I eventually learned that intuitively eating whatever foods you want while maintaining a balance of healthy and whole foods is the most important and effective way of having a “healthy” diet. I discovered that mental hunger and physical hunger are both very important. Once I realized the importance of intuitive eating, I started to ignore “diet culture” in the media and wanted to strengthen my relationship with food. I became passionate about trying new foods and creating my own recipes. Soon, Eats by C was born!

I have always been a huge foodie, however my love for food and making recipes is continuously growing! I started my Instagram food blog @eats.by.c in 2018 to share my favorite recipes and connect with other people passionate about food! A few years later, I was inspired to also create YouTube videos to bring my recipes to life and show my audience how to make my recipes with step-by-step visuals. Most recently, I created eatsbyc.com to feature and bring together all of my work from Instagram and YouTube. Joining all these platforms has been an incredible experience fo me. I am so happy I found communities where I can share my love for nutrition, food, and recipe development!

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